Improve Your Sleep Hygiene with MyFitnessPal’s New Sleep Plan

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Improve Your Sleep Hygiene with MyFitnessPal’s New Sleep Plan

According to a recent MyFitnessPal survey, 60% of people don’t believe they get good sleep quality. Which, let’s just say it like it is, isn’t great.

But there’s more. In the last year:

  • 34% of individuals say their sleep quality worsened
  • 84% claim they have difficulty falling asleep
  • 87% say they struggle to stay asleep.

Sleep deprivation is a widespread concern, with the majority of people admitting they don’t get enough sleep.

So, what’s causing too many to get poor sleep? Stress, anxiety, electronics, and inconsistent sleep schedules are often blamed for poor sleep quality, and they do play a role. But many overlook a crucial element in this equation: food.


Dietary choices have a direct impact on your sleep. In fact, 47% of people agree that they tend to consume unhealthy snacks late at night when they have trouble sleeping, and 33% indulge in sugary or high-fat snacks during late-night hours, at least 1-3 times a week.

But fear not! MyFitnessPal is here to empower you to turn these statistics around with our newest Sleep Plan. Designed to address the intricate connection between sleep quality and nutrition, this Plan is your key to unlocking a better night’s sleep.

Got the MyFitnessPal app? Start the plan now or scan the QR code below.

Improve Your Sleep Hygiene with MyFitnessPal's New Sleep Plan

What to Know About the Sleep Plan

Available to free and Premium subscribers, this comprehensive 5-day Plan is designed to be your optimistic guide in breaking the cycle of exhaustion and achieving restful, restorative sleep.

Each day of the Plan, our dedicated nutrition experts provide daily insights and practical strategies to enhance your sleep habits:

Day 1: Nutrition and Sleep Harmony

Kickstart your transformation by understanding the harmonious connection between nutrition and sleep. Establish a bedtime routine and incorporate light activity into your daily schedule. Explore our new sleep feature integration with MyFitnessPal – connecting nutrition and sleep tracking seamlessly.

Day 2: Sugar and Sleep

Delve into the effects of added sugar on sleep quality and discover tips to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your rest. Track snacks, practice timing and moderation, and explore delicious recipes that won’t disrupt your sleep.

Day 3: Hydration for Better Sleep

Uncover the impact of hydration on sleep and master the art of timing caffeine intake. We’ve got information to bust myths about coffee and dehydration, and we’re here to support you in developing a personalized hydration routine for optimal sleep.

Day 4: Alcohol’s Influence on Sleep

Explore the relationship between alcohol and sleep quality. Learn how even a single drink can impact your rest, and discover practical tips for reducing alcohol intake. We understand it isn’t easy, and we’re here to provide non-alcoholic alternatives for a soothing bedtime experience.

Day 5: Nutrients for Quality Sleep

Understand the role of nutrients in sleep quality. Dive into tips for reducing saturated fats and increasing fiber in your diet. We know it isn’t easy to make these changes, but as long as you’re trending in the right direction, that’s progress!

Start your empowering Sleep Plan today and wake up to a healthier, happier you! Don’t have the MyFitnessPal app yet? Download it now.


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